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Russian orthodox view on dating

A guy from Mtskheta named Elias went to Jerusalem during the time when Jesus was crucified.

He bought the savior’s robe from a Roman soldier and brought it back to Mtskheta. According to the legend she immediately died upon touching the holy mantle.

Moreover, there is a legend for how the cathedral got its name.

They wanted to give the church a “cleaner” look, but the Emperor never came.

A clever use of different colored stones is apparent on the exterior of the cathedral.

The cathedral is shielded by a huge wall, built of stone and brick during the reign of King Erekle II.

The top of the wall was designed for military purposes hence the gun emplacements around it.

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A fresco portraying the event can be seen near the entrance of the cathedral, it shows Sidonia with an angel lifting the column up to heaven.

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