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Rui en elvin ng dating

"I think I've come a long way, so if people still feel the need to say I've 'improved recently' or I'm 'improving', then I'll question them." Both these sore spots point to greater insecurities in him. I tend to think very lowly of myself and, when you're an actor, you're also public property for everyone else to scrutinise, so it's not easy," he says.

He confesses that often times, he has "no idea" why he is still trudging along in this industry. The good-looking and popular actor has certainly felt the brunt of many public bashings over the years.

This time, it was for leaving the Star Awards Part 2 after host Pornsak poked fun at her now infamous one-liner onstage: "Do you know who I am?

Local stars Aileen Tan and Elvin Ng also declined to comment, with Tan saying: "Can only pray for her".

Actor Dennis Chew, who played Rui En's brother in the hit Channel 8 series The Dream Makers, declined to comment on the incident, saying he was not there when it happened.

Ma, who plays a police officer's girlfriend in the third and fourth seasons of the series, told Lianhe Wanbao that Rui En smiled at her when she arrived on the set, but looked tired.

He is charming and friendly and gives you his undivided attention when he talks to you.

Just do not ask him about his company's heavily marketed "Eight Dukes".

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