Restoration and dating

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Restoration and dating

American patterns prevailed thereafter; they tended to be more vivid, brash, and bold (Figure 5).

He attracted world-class artists and innovative glassmakers to his studio. His favorite and most popular scenes were naturalistic images of flowers, colorful peacocks and cockatiels, and landscapes at sunrise and sunset (Figure 6).

While stained glass windows can last for centuries, as the great cathedrals of Europe attest, they can be instantly destroyed by vandals or by careless workmen.

Extreme care must therefore be exercised, even in the most minor work.

Every effort should be made to document and preserve it.

Despite many failed starts, the War of 1812, and British competition, American glass production increased steadily throughout the 19th century.

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It also surveys basic preservation and documentation issues facing owners of buildings with leaded glass.

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