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Even if he could talk normally, or to birds, there are no birds on Thanagar, because it does not exist.Sometimes, it gets to the point that not even the fans who write Wikipedia articles understand what is and isn't in canon.If you experience no search results or missing buttons or content, please disable your adblocker temporarily to see if it's accidentally blocking non-ad elements. We are one of the first converter websites on the internet to implement and use a client-side converter. Just like all other new technologies, you may experience some issues or errors.

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Long-running TV franchises can also suffer from Continuity Snarls — the universes have gotten especially snarled over time (although the former can easily Hand Wave this away because it's about time travel).

A Continuity Snarl can result in Continuity Lock-Out for readers, especially newcomers, as it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of what's happening in the 'verse without a Masters Degree in Continuity Studies. See Armed with Canon, Comic-Book Time, and Author's Saving Throw for common causes, may result in Continuity Lock-Out, Continuity Porn, Tangled Family Tree, and Timey-Wimey Ball.

They creative team comes along, they'll change things even more; they may even completely override the changes made by the previous team to include things that they want to see or to reassert a previous status quo.

Unfortunately, sometimes what they regard as being fundamental to the original continuity was never even there to begin with!

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