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Gordon, based on their actual courtship (Zoe Kazan portrays her onscreen, and Holly Hunter and Ray Romano play her parents).

The titular sickness remains unnamed throughout most of the movie, as it was to Gordon for much of her life.

When an episode seems imminent, Gordon makes sure to communicate openly with Nanjiani.

"When it first happened, [I felt] the guilt of, how could I not see this happening? She can be super sick and still have a great attitude.

during a chat at New York City's Four Seasons Hotel.

"Because I wasn't diagnosed or being treated for it, it just kept getting worse and worse.

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After eight days of tests while in a medically induced coma, she was diagnosed with adult-onset Still's disease (AOSD), an extremely rare form of arthritis that can shut down major organs when left untreated — as with Gordon, who had accumulated fluid in her lungs and was having trouble breathing.

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Let's eat cakes and shit." Coincidentally, debuts alongside drafts of Trump's health care bill, which allows states to opt out of Obamacare's ban on refusing to cover pre-existing conditions like AOSD.

"This movie wasn't supposed to be political, but [if not for my insurance coverage,] I would still have those astronomical bills," says Gordon.

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