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Namely, you can use it to boost your account ratio, by faking upload and download operations using any torrent file of specific trackers.

You are not required to go through the installation process, as this product is portable.

The interface needs some getting used to, yet the response time is very good.There exist quite a few utilities to spoof your torrent ratio but I will be sharing the best two, all the torrent ratio-spoof applications or hacks works on similar pattern, these applications connect to the tracker behaving like a normal Bit Torrent client but instead of actually downloading or uploading any data it fakes the reporting protocol updating tracker with fake data to artificially increase user's overall ratio.This means that it does not rely on your bittorrent client (Azureus, u Torrent, ABC, Bit Comet, and etc.) and it will not download or upload the files on a torrent - it only can fake download or upload. NET has hard coded emulations for the most popularly used Bit Torrent clients: u Torrent, Azureus, Bit Comet, ABC, BTuga, Bit Lord, Burst, Bit Tyrant, Bit Tornado, Bit Spirit.The problem with this approach (aside from that it's completely unclear that not uploading is a problem to begin with, since tit-for-tat works well) is that it's overly punishing.Just a little bit of threatening to ban people can get the overall balance to be very heavily weighted on the side of uploading, making it difficult for people to accomplish a reasonable amount of upload even if they try.

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The hardcoded emulations’ array extends from u Torrent, Bit Comet and Vuze Bittorrent Client to Bit Lord, BTuga, Bit Tornado and Bit Spirit.

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