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Other researchers stress the importance of volcanic material in the neotropical loess.

The Loess Plateau (simplified Chinese: 黄土高原; traditional Chinese: 黃土高原; pinyin: huángtǔ gāoyuán), also known as the Huangtu Plateau, is a plateau that covers an area of some 640,000 km² in the upper and middle of China's Yellow River and China proper.

This soil has a characteristic called vertical cleavage which makes it easily excavated to form cave dwellings, a popular method of making human habitations in some parts of China. In several areas of the world, loess ridges have formed that are aligned with the prevailing winds during the last glacial maximum.

These are called "paha ridges" in America and "greda ridges" in Europe.

For almost 150 years, this loess deposit was farmed with mouldboard ploughs and fall tilled, both intensely erosive.

At times it suffered erosion rates of over 10 kilograms per square meter per year.

Loess often stands in either steep or vertical faces.

Because the grains are angular, loess will often stand in banks for many years without slumping.

As a consequence, large parts of the formerly submerged and unvegetated floodplains of these braided rivers dried out and were exposed to the wind.

The form of these loess dunes has been explained by a combination of wind and tundra conditions.

Loess comes from the German Löss or Löß, and ultimately from Alemannic lösch meaning drop as named by peasants and masons along the Rhine Valley.

Winds pick up loess particles, contributing to the Asian Dust pollution problem.

The largest deposit of loess in the United States, the Loess Hills along the border of Iowa and Nebraska, has survived intensive farming and poor farming practices.

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Relative to the pampean loess the neotropical loess is poor in quartz and calcium carbonate.