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10,000 Falcon pipes are imported and distributed through some 350 branches of A. He forms two companies, Falcon Pipes Ltd and Falcon Pipes Distributors Ltd and enters into negotiations for the manufacture of the Falcon Pipe in England.

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He bases the system on the principle that causes rain to drop from a cloud when it is met by cool air.

To achieve this result, Mr Bugg uses aluminium for its lightness and, more importantly, for its quick dispersal of heat. The briar bowl, designed with a four start thread connected to the aluminium stem, forms a trap in which the Humidome acts as a condenser.

It is a very comprehensive history of Falcon during the George Hunt years, now released also as an ebook available from Amazon will take you there.

1936: American engineer Mr Kenly Bugg, of Fort Wayne, Indiana invents the Falcon Pipe, with its aluminium stem and interchangeable briar bowls.

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Pipe bowl fragmentary but identified as Roger Browne of Southhampton (1753-75).