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Philippine validating tests pvt

They need to keep track of grades/levels (scheduling for the The Philippine Educational Placement Test, PEPT for validating and accrediting knowledge and skills in academic areas | or consider Alternative Learning System, ALS ), and facilitate the necessary documents and exams (like PVT – Philippine Validating Test) needed when the time comes for the child to enter traditional school or college.Homeschooling independently may be a practical option, as you need not pay providers and buy required books.

Parents set their own schedule and they do not worry about work submission schedules and deadlines.We are lucky these days that we have several groups of homeschooling families, whether online or offline, who come together to share information, educational resources, encouragement, and social activities for the children.Special thanks to a dear friend Laskmi Maluya for providing the information.She is a proud product of independent homeschooling from preschool to high school.She finished college (Education, Major in Early Childhood in Centro Escolar University Mendiola) thru PEPT.

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