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He is the love of my life and also the cause of terrible pain over the years.

Logically, I realise alarm bells should be ringing. My gut tells me things are different this time, but can someone like this ever really change? Crikey, I have to say this one sounds like a monster. You're a bit of a romantic – I can tell from the way you describe your affair – and I have a terrible feeling that you would find some kind of fulfilment in this role, having done such sterling work as Deputy Wronged One for all these years. Let's strip away, for a moment, the lividly tinted lens of the star-crossed-lovers thing, the hearts and flowers, the "love of my life" stuff – and what you're asking yourself is whether you should set up home with someone who habitually causes you to suffer, and without whom your life would have been much happier, if a trifle duller.

So what you'd be signing up for is more of the same, though with a few bonuses: you'd get the legitimacy and ownership you've craved while your affair was secret (though he is taking his time about introducing you to his nearest and dearest, isn't he? You'd get, perhaps, some sense of payback for having given him the best years of your life.

While there may be exceptions, we believe any step towards increased trust and transparency is a good one," said Karen Fein, VP of marketing at Hinge.

“They’re basically destroying the fabric of our society,” Williams said. Once that decays, we’re not going to have much of a society.” Click on the video box at the top of this story to watch a report by FOX News' Trace Gallagher.

friends, is automatically adding users' Facebook relationship status to their profiles.

That last site lures the unfaithful in with the slogan “When Monogamy Becomes Monotony” and is the biggest cheating site in town, with claims of 160,000 members.

It puts philanderers in contact with potential paramours just like any other dating site for singles does — with pictures, profiles and instant messaging.

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