Online dating site for stoners

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Online dating site for stoners

For example, leaving the toilet seat up is a lifestyle choice that few women understand.Being clean is a lifestyle choice that many men, too, fail to grasp. How much time should you put into the relationship before you talk about this?

April 20th has become a counter-culture holiday where friends in US cities gather in groups to celebrate 420-friendly events, parties and festivals.

I was like, dude, I know how to build sites, I should just do that.

And then I was thinking about how I was single and I went searching for 420 dating sites, but I couldn't find any real ones, so that's when I found the opportunity. There is a girl who wants to go on a date with me but she lives, like, 40 miles away and my car is so fucked up, like, I don't even know [].

For many 420singles, finding that special someone can be challenging."This is so true.

Finding someone who is accepting of your lifestyle is one of the most difficult things on Earth.

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This is a site where cannabis lovers can find their own cannabis lovers.

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