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The keynote featured a major focus on new video-enabled aspects of Facebook.For example, the company debuted a new social way to watch videos.“People tell us Groups are the most meaningful part of Facebook,” said Zuckerberg of the feature.“A new Groups tab makes Groups more central to the overall Facebook experience.” Rather than weeding through your News Feed to see your more meaningful Groups post, you’ll have a dedicated zone.With a screenshot of his own uncomfortable testimony in front of Congress, Zuckerberg showed off a Facebook feature called Watch Party that lets you watch videos with friends.“We’re also focused on new ways people can use Instagram to communicate,” Zuckerberg said.That means Instagram is getting one-on-one video calling.

He showed off a 3D family room that could be visited in virtual reality, which was fully constructed by analyzing the backgrounds of the photos that you and your family may have shared on the service.Facebook acknowledged that by introducing a full redesign of the app, which looks a lot more spartan at a glance.“It’s clean; it’s going to be fast,” Zuckerberg said.Over the past few years, the Facebook feed has become a reviled part of pop culture–a symbol of everything people complain about when they think of the company, from opaque algorithms to political echo chambers. Facebook seems to be demonstrating that its News Feed is but one service among many, including new functionality that could threaten to replace apps like Tinder and e Bay.But onstage at its annual developer conference F8 this week, Facebook put on a new . Together, these new products almost look like an internet within Facebook, where dating, e-commerce, messaging, and more all exist within the Facebook ecosystem.

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It’s easier to imagine hitting that Messenger tab in the Facebook app if the user experience isn’t so painful.