One hundred percent free web cams

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One hundred percent free web cams

This is done primarily by managing mass, the height of the center of mass ( of gravity, or c.g.), and the length of the moment arms that forces on the c.g.The Spitfire front suspension is a classic unequal A-arm design.Caster and camber can be adjusted using shims between the lower A-arms and the frame rails. Adding or subtracting unequal numbers of shims between the front and rear A-arm interfaces changes caster (more shims at the aft mounting adds positive caster). Note that because of the tie rod geometry, Spitfires exhibit a significant amount of toe change with up and down (bump and droop) suspension motion, called bump steer.The later model Spitfire is not a bad-handling car in factory spec.But here again, a few simple, relatively inexpensive and easy changes can yield significant improvement, and by putting it all together you will have a much more fun car.All else being the same, a lighter car will out-handle a heavy one. This light weighting will not only make the car less massive, it will eliminate weight at the ends of the vehicle, thus reducing its polar moment of inertia, meaning it will be easier to start and stop it turning. There are other ways to “add lightness” such as replacing various bits and pieces with lighter ones.Moreover, many people think this conversion to the European spec look or pre-1974 U. Weight reduction boosts performance, and every little bit counts The three most basic alignment measures are Caster, Camber and Toe, and they are critical to handling, tire wear and safety.

If more force is transferred through a given tire than it can handle, exceeding it's ability to adhere to the road, then it will lose grip and slide, and control will be relinquished.

Triumph Spitfires are basically fun, economical street-legal go-carts.

Many are still around (more than 300,000 were manufactured from 1962 to 1980), they are simple and easy to work on, and parts are relatively inexpensive and readily available.

Wheel rates, which are the product of spring rates and the leverage and motion of the suspension, are the actual rates of vehicle stiffness.

Simply adding wheel rate contributions from individual suspension elements yields total wheel rates and vehicle stiffness.

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Spring rates alone mean nothing as a measure of vehicle stiffness and they can be very misleading--it is wheel rates that matter.

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