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Of tea 2 dating

Our passion for tea comes from living in England and Paris, where tea houses and English tea are highly celebrated.

This allows for the production of consistent flavors and colors of Matcha each year, as there are more than 100 existing grades which differ from each other in color and taste profile.Aiya’s private label options include a number of our highest quality Matcha and premium loose leaf green teas.Aiya was established in 1888 as a local shop providing dyes and teas.To meet the demands for large volumes from food/beverage manufacturers with a reasonable lead time, Aiya provides Matcha in large bulk sized packaging.Aiya offers private label options for clients who would like to have their own branded merchandise.

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Artisans are a dying breed, and only Aiya houses veteran artisans who train young artisans to continue the 120 year tradition.