Norfolk examiner and dating separated men

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A young woman with psychic ability is recruited by a school dedicated to teaching how to expand her gifts, but soon the school is plagued with break-ins and missing students, and she accepts a dangerous mission to discover the truth in the first of a new paranormal series. A patient at a mental hospital escapes and returns to his wealthy fathers estate where he spends his days betting on horses at the nearby Del Mar racetrack, until a fellow horse-player tells him about the death of his brother years before, and while he wants to help, the police are on his trail in a funny and suspenseful racetrack gothic. Nantucket police detective Merry Folger investigates the disappearance of a Vietnam War correspondent whose memory is failing, and discovers that his entire career may be based on a lie in the first new mystery in this series in almost twenty years., Beverley. A Canadian defense attorney takes the case of a man accused of murdering his wife, but she finds that the evidence is overwhelmingly against him and all the witnesses are surprisingly uncooperative in a debut legal thriller., Glenn. A woman who believes that her husband and children died in a plane crash discovers that he disappeared on purpose after uncovering evidence of the billion that completely disappeared during the Iraq War (and , Ann. A classic mystery written in 1933 set in an isolated manor house where the unpleasant owner invites his six unloving children for Christmas, only to be found dead on Christmas Eve., Jenny. When a couple honeymooning in the Adirondacks become lost and do not return home, their teenaged niece raises the alarm, but she doesnt know that they have been taken in by a lonely psychopath who has plans for them., 14.95) Apr. When a young Amish man is shot to death it becomes clear that it was no hunting accident after his brother-in-law confesses to murdering him, but Rachel Mast becomes involved when the family begs her to find out what really happened in the fifth of this series set in Pennsylvania Amish country., Eva. An LAPD homicide investigator must investigate when the victim in her latest case walks out of the morgue in a case that pits her against a fanatical voodoo cult and a large pharmaceutical company (and we know which is the scarier in this scenario)., Graham. A police procedural set in a small Irish village, featuring a melancholy, underworked policeman whose life changes when 20-year-old bones are found at a construction site, bones thought to be those of a young man who left hurriedly after a love triangle ended badly. In the first of a new series, a couple of college professors are approached by an old friend, a CIA agent, to travel to Ireland retrieve an old manuscript which is supposed to hold the key to finding a missing agent. Theres nothing more fun in a mystery than the rich behaving badly., 16.00) When a real estate agent in a northern English town wakes up after a night of heavy drinking, she has more to worry about than a nasty hangover when she begins receiving photos of her behaving very badlynone of which she can remember--in a mystery of blackmail and revenge and very twisty plotting., Scott. Leduc agrees to help a friend who is convinced that she is being haunted by the ghost of a Serbian warlord whom her counter-terrorism team had killed in Yugoslavia, and when members of the team begin to die mysteriously, , Kenneth. A teenaged South African boy becomes involved with an American college student teaching in a black township when she stays with his family, but he soon discovers that she is a political activist trying to topple the apartheid regime in a literary thriller set in the 1980s., 18.00) Apr. I loved this for its humor and all-around feel-good quality., Rhys. Returning home after her fathers death, a young woman discovers a letter he had written in 1944 to an Italian woman who had helped him when his plane went down during WWII, so she goes to Tuscany to learn more about her enigmatic father. In the final of the Jack Mc Coll WWI era series, the British spy is sent to Moscow after the Bolshevik Revolution to spy on other British spies who may be involved in an assassination attempt., Mariah. A ladys maid in 1910 Manhattan decides to help out her employers when the playboy fianc of the daughter is found dead with his eyes gouged out and the suspects range from his jilted fiance to the families of those killed in a mining disaster on his property to anarchists. John Watson invites a nurse who has witnessed an apparent suicide to help him and his son investigate the death, because unknown to her, she is the daughter of the late Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler., Peter. A young man living with his Russian-Jewish grandmother in 1950s New Jersey finds himself in the USSR and the south of France when the murder of his grandmother sends him on a quest for his identity in order to solve her murder., David.

shows signs of a disturbing mental illness, the Secret Service Agent in charge of him turns to her ex-husband, a physician, who finds a physical cause in a medical thriller., Sergio de la. A sprawling novel where football and crime intersect when the daughter of the owner of the Dallas Cowboys is left a New Jersey football franchise and a criminal mastermind in Rikers Island plans one of the most audacious crimes of all time., Bill. The manager of a San Francisco bookstore who escaped the war in the Balkans years before discovers that someone from her past is alive and bent on revenge., Charlton. When the founder of a medical technology start-up finds his work and life a shambles, he calls on a company to take him out of his life and give him a new one, but he soon begins to wonder about his old life and what actually happened, so much so, that he decides to break the one rulereturn to his old life--in a suspenseful thriller., 27.00) Apr. Miss Julia discovers that a nosy do-gooder has made plans to by the house next door to Hazel Marie to establish a home for wayward teenaged girls, but could there be a more nefarious purpose for the property? series finds her taking up the cold case of a man convicted of murdering his wife, a case that may be related to the suicide of an eccentric blogger and the kidnapping of the grandson of a millionaire., D. Edgar Allan Poe and the Jewel of Peru (Peg, 25.95) Apr. Two sisters join the cast of a reality TV series featuring highly successful women, but when one of the sisters is murdered the other most find a killer among the rest of the cast, all of whom have motives to kill for. FBI agent Magnus Craig investigates a case where body parts are sent to a Federal Judge in El Paso, using his special skill of synesthesia to track down the killer., Michael. An FBI agent is willing to accept an unsubstantiated confession in a murder case even though the woman confessing is known as a liar and gives incorrect details about what happened because the case brings back memories of the inexplicable death of his own mother when he was a child., Rachel. A powerful novel featuring a woman who is serving a life sentence for murder, separated from her young son and incarcerated with a group of women who are compassionately and unsentimentally portrayed., Joe R. When a couple show up at Haps wedding they ask the PI pair to investigate the disappearance of an accountant in a nearby town, a case that puts them in contact with a hog farmer who wants to create a segregated white utopia with the help of local yokels., Owen. A woman who captains a salvage boat along the Alaskan coastline finds herself and her crew in danger when a Japanese freighter carrying a man who stole more than million in bearer bonds from the Yakuza founders in a stormand the gangsters want their money back., Kristen. PI Roxane Weary is hired by a man who thinks his fiance is having an affair and, when she is shot in the street, he becomes a murder suspect, but as Roxane investigates the victims life she discovers that the woman had been involved with a group of con artists scamming the elderly., G. Not much, however, has been done in this way: the only additions of moment being contained in the Appendix.One of these, pursuing in another direction the argument concerning academic discipline, will be found among the notes to Chapter IX.; and another, illustrative of the irrelation between intellectual culture and moral feeling, will be found in the notes to Chapter XV.

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