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Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. So far is thii from beii^ the case, that it is acknowledged by some of the most re- spectable of the Irish writers, that Britain, for a long series of years, made effectual exertions to repair the evils arising from the restraints by which her commerce had been checked and confined. The contrary, indeed, se^ns proved, by the meritorious pains taken by Mr. Everard Home, of London^ and by him, through Sir Joseph Banks, to the Board. Home afterwards sent Lord Carrington the valuable pi^er tet «pera Uon, wbidi would answer con^btely, oou U we be rare of having (praters sufficiently s Ulgil. Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. She opened her great markets to part of the linen ma- nufacture of Ireland ; and she encoukaged it by granting bounties on its exportation, to the amount, taking an average of twenty*nine years, of nearly j C 10,000. II the whide fishery to Greenland and Dafvift's Straits ^ were extended to ships fitted out ffom Irelaku L* ' I& timee of wiri commerce is exposed to many restraints, wbieb) hcmever iojur U oils Co iv J&fidmil By must be patiendy endured, on account of * Ihe public good. Du Gard, of the Shrewsbury Infirmary, vrbo has shewn in die following communication, that thoifgh the spinal marrow was divided, the nerves that supplied the organs of respiration and most of die senses|, were unii^iired. We *n^y the less re* gietifaedi Acultyinigcttingnewm Ddesestablished, when we^thus see the superiority of an ^U custom ttsder very iaip Boha Me Arcnmst Hicc B ; and if we U^meant Tefbrmers wanted mj additional Qioliv^ to eare and circumspection, a very forcible one is furnished in the inst^ce of the time and trouble tnkefi to intfodi Ke tfaan^MMtioiw and wbi A, m it has bocn biiherto praelised, ini Fartiigal4nd tither par U of the Csa tinew t , as^w^ as iaaome of our West . This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. - A but- cher at Wisbech practised this mode several years ago, from the representations made to hiqi by Captain Olarkson, of the Navy, who had seen them so slaughtered for the use of our fleet when at Jamaica. He informs me, that it is not onoe in a thousand tim^s that any person misses the right place ; perhaps, an apprentice may at the beginning, but the rule is sf cer Uin, that it may be said hardly ever to hk\, and if It should fail, the knife is at any rate «o near the proper place^ that by th^ least alteration of the position (without even ta Wng it out) it finds i U way. It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. In this osse there wiwld hardly be the pain of two secondii. A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. I was obliged to leave Wisbech before tiic killing day, or I would hare seen tiiis method practised. .£.3,494,455 d300,67l 4,039,581 3,778^90 5,159884 .£.287,628 315.798 871,145 265,629 304,954 X 401,889 460,976 715.259 306.491 458,557 £. 8,183,972 3,077,446 5.125,984 4,350.640 5.983,113 From the foregoing there appears to be a considerable increase ; bat that of the real Talues of Irish produce and manufacture were much greater. 153,978 174.815 334,306 307,383 889.037 In the articles imported for general use, a distinction is to be made between those of foody or of fuel, and those which are used in clothing, furniture, or other domestic purposes: although an increase of either of these classes may be consider- ed as indicating a corresponding increase of property, yet the progress of the latter dassy excepting so far as the internal production, or manuficture of the like ar- ticles may have decreased in Ireland, distinctly shews an improvement in the habits of the people, and a more general diffusion of the comforts of life. Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. I talked to Smith'b apprentice, who assured me that he had no difficuity in finding the proper spot, and tbat the beast drops Inatanay. 3,153,181 3,054,680 5,060,040 4,225,254 5,535.606 £. On an average of three years ending 25th of March 1800, the earliest period in which the real valdes have been computed, the Irish produce exported was 069 553,183 Busheb. In the first class are to be placed, sugar, spirits, tea, tobacco, wine, and coals, which, although neces- sary to a certain extent in Irish manufactures, are imported chiefly for personal ac* commodation. Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. Under the short, but inauspicious reign of James IL, Ireland fell into a state of * Cartes' Life of the Duke of Ormonde, vol. to allow commonage to their tenants by way of recom- pense ; afterwards, in despite of their contracts, and contrary to every principle of justice, the landholders enclosed these commons, and precluded their unhappy tenants from the only means of making their bargains tolerable. In the years 1771 and 177 S, the bankrupt laws were introduced into Ireland, as great inconvenience had arisen to trade in tlwit country, from the want of them.t In the year 1775, Iro Und was admitted to a participation in the Newfoundland fishery, in consequence of an act pa Med for encouraging that nursery of seamen, by the granting of certain premiums. increase in pro^ portion to the blessings which they eo^y." Possessing all the pride of the Scots, without their prudence ; equally susceptible of alarm as the English without their coolness ; and, like the French, buoyed up with a high idea of the advantages of their country, which, seen through the medium of national vauity, appear magnified greatly beyond the truth, they have, on many occasions, indulged in hopes too va^t * Essays on the best means of providing empkyi Kient for the people. The animal drops, ^uid i Miough convulsions take place generally longer and more violent, than when -the apins A marrcw is divided, yet there is, I think, reason to believe that the animal •afiers less pain.

worth of Scotch muslins, and other Scotch cotton goods, would be sold annually in the Irish market, were it not for these excessively high duties ; and he suggests, whether it would not be proper to Jay a proportional duty on all Irish linens brought into Scotland.^ The imports of Ireland may be considered as almost wholly intended for hev own consumption, either as materials for manufacture, or for the immediate use of the people, since the quantity of goods purchased for the purpose of re-^xportu^ tion, although increased of late, has never borqe any Javge proportion to the whole amount. In the year 1 7 64, the people in the manufacturii^ parts of the province of Ulster rose almost to a man, in consequence of their being obliged to work on the roads ; and from the oak branches which they wore in their hats, acquired the denomination of White Boys. By the same act, boundes, allowed to ships employed in * Campbdl's Phil. ^ In this state of insensibility, which in mta would be called ap^lezy, ore Ktreme fllnpoi% the blood 4a always drawn offby the butcher cutting ^ throat* and the animal dies without the least oign of lec Kng er uneasy f Untness. They were, however, soon dispersed by the military, and the next session, parlia* meat taking the matter into consideration, wisely repealed the old road act, and provided^ for the repair of the highways by wxcans more equiuble, and less calcu- lated to excite disconient. ^' In severe epilep^ the brain suflfers a temporary su^)ension tton, were so hi^, that they amounted to a total prohibition. demagogues, who, by artful flisinuatiops, were too successful in reviving old prejudices, and making their countrymen believe that they still laboured under grievances, to which, they ought not tamely to submit.^ ^ The concession^ made to Ireland, and the freedom of commerce, had not produced so many, or so g by dividing the spinal marrow, come into cam* mon use, as it seemed probable the sufiering of the animal was generally prevented thereby. Mellish's slaughtering-houses, by the lauda Ue perseverance of Lord Somerville, and other members of the Board of Agriculture, and Mr. But^ as it might be ungenerous to stigmatize a whole people, in cases where the blame ought to fall only on a few, it is proper too state, that much of the public fer- ment abounbis time, arose from the conduct of some factious .

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330,753 227,55 354,39^ 364,613 516,573 • Or omitting the last year, in which a heavy duty was imposed, and taking the average of the two prc- ttdiog years, 6,804, Digitized by Google 86 Articlea of the Second Glass.