Newspaper articles on speed dating

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Newspaper articles on speed dating

Neurons have different shapes depending on the part of the brain they're in and their function.

There are many types of glial cells, each with different functions.

But the brain is much more than an anatomical structure; it is also an active processing center, always at work.

To begin learning about the brain, consider a grocery store's produce and dairy departments.

(The rest disappear for various reasons, as explained later.) By the time we're adults, we also have about 500 billion to 1,000 billion glial cells.

It's general texture is about the same as soft butter, but some parts are as gooey as raw eggs or yogurt.The occipital lobe is in the middle-back area of the brain, and it's primarily responsible for vision.The temporal lobes are located above and around the ears on the left and right sides of the brain.The brain is mostly water (78 percent), fat (10 percent), and protein (8 percent).From the outside, the brain's most distinguishing features are its convolutions, or folds.

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A single cubic millimeter (1/16,000th of an inch) of human brain tissue has more than 1 million neurons. The adult human brain weighs about three pounds (1,300–1,400 grams). The brain's various parts and its nerve cells are connected by nearly 1 million miles of nerve fibers.

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