New zealand dating line

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The Maori name for Wellington Harbour means the great bay of Tara.

By 1842 there were 3.700 colonists in the settlement and Britannia had become Wellington. too, are known as Kiwis, for the bird is also the symbol of people of the two islands.

No other bird lays an egg so large in proportion to its size. New Zealand has more than four hundred thousand hectares of planted forests.

The most important wood is pine, which grows five times faster in New Zealand than in its native habitat in California, USA.

It is New Zealand, called the Land of the Long White Cloud by the Maoris. It is made up of three islands: the North and South Islands and Steward Island, a small land mass just to the south of (he South Island.

Most of its people live in North Island, and that is where you find big volcanoes like Egmont and Tongariro and the boiling pools and geysers and lakes of bubbling mud.

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The varied landscape of New Zealand has made it a popular location for the production of television programmes and films, including ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Last Samurai’. Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of New Zealand and the Head of state but her position is largely symbolic. New Zealand's government is based on the parliamentary democracy.