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My husband has a video of a women from webcam24

Essentially my husband was a cross-dresser, who would, on occasion, secretly wear women’s clothing – but he loved being a man, loved being a Dad and he was successful.From the time I had known about the cross-dressing, I had read countless books, connected with people worldwide, joined support groups and I was relieved to find out that cross-dressers are just that. They just sometimes need to connect with a feminine side that is stronger than most.All I could hear were those 6 words that my husband had just uttered, and those six words were going to change my life forever.I had had a great marriage, and we had 3 beautiful children together.I had no idea how night would follow day, but I knew my kids relied on me, and my husband relied on me – to be strong. I was confused and I was scared too and I knew that I had to work through this, to work out what this all meant and what future, if any, remained.He stood there, pale, scared of losing his entire family and his entire existence – scared that I might run, run away from what I faced and take the children with me. The first thing that kicks in, is your emotional thinking.

Standing there, on that beautiful day – with those words swimming around in my head, I knew that I needed time.It was evident that many other people had lost so much, when they themselves had finally made the decision to tell their partner – they lost their family, home, friends and job.I still had one more thing to do before I could make any kind of decision about any kind of future. Sometimes when you have difficult decisions to make, you have to satisfy your highest values and let the others go.My highest values were at the time – my family – the kids and the incredible relationship I had had with my husband up until that point.After some lengthy deliberation, I went to my husband and said “I will stand by you through this transition and it will be one day at a time. I am a heterosexual woman and I have to have time to grieve the loss of my husband.” It was just like he had died, the grief was very strong.

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