Most intimidating looking dog breeds who is dizzee rascal dating

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Most intimidating looking dog breeds

Conversely, trained GSDs sell for significant sums of money.

In 2011, the New York Times reported that a GSD bitch called Julia had been sold for 0,000.

Obedience-training is essential for bull-mastiff puppies, and owners will tell you they must be taught to walk to heel on the lead at an early age.

With the right sort of training, there’s no doubt that the bull-mastiff deserves its number-one ranking within the best guard dog breeds – it’s certainly not one I would want to argue with.

She was trained as a personal protection dog and her new owner said the assets he valued were her “speed, smartness and quickness – and you would not believe the roughness that she has inside.

She’s like a little pit bull when she bites.” Most people would clearly prefer not to find this out.

You can even get a German gundog – the Weimaraner – that doubles as a guard dog: it was developed in the Weimar Republic for both hunting and guarding.

Many people are attracted to GSDs for all the wrong reasons, and as a result many dogs end up in rescue.

In those days poachers were a rough lot – the penalty for poaching was still hanging – so the keeper needed a tough dog to help him to carry out his job.

Pure-bred mastiffs were too slow, while bulldogs – very different in appearance from the dogs we know today – were ferocious and apparently a little too keen on getting stuck into the poacher.

Few of the best guard dog breeds can rival the intelligence of the German shepherd (GSD), which explains why it has long been a favourite with police, army and security forces around the world.

One of the GSD’s assets is its wolf-like appearance, which makes it an effective deterrent regardless of its guarding instinct.

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Its bark may be even more of a deterrent than its bite, as all thieves like to work undisturbed.

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