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One of her Internet 'buddies,' who she thought was a fellow student, turned out to be forty years old and married with children.

Julie only found out when his angry wife tracked her down via her contact details posted on the Internet.

People were ganging together, chatting and making friends.

I felt helpless and scared to talk to people; I didn't want them to reject me like my other friends had. Upset and depressed, my eating pattern became disturbed and I started to lose weight.

These include illnesses such as depression and the use of harmful coping mechanisms, such as drug taking, excessive drinking and eating disorders.

Its not just childhood bullying experiences that affect students today, bullying happens in all walks of life, University is no exception.

Electronic bullying is a newly emerging phenomenon threatening all age groups, but students in particular.

Kate, a second year Language student at Leeds University, was severely bullied in her early teens.

It wasn't until she arrived at University that her past experiences re-emerged; she explains: "It started on the first day of University when I arrived at my halls.

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She received phone calls from an older man who knew her name, age and phone number but who would not reveal his identity.