Mandating school uniforms is a economic burden to parents Precnan for webcam

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Mandating school uniforms is a economic burden to parents

Worse, it’s pitched in ways that trick people into thinking it’s healthier than it is.

For example, the average Minute Maid juice bottle has about as much sugar as soda, but deceptive corporate branding ensures most people won’t realize that. If companies can lie about the nutritional value of their food, the ones that do will outcompete the ones that don’t.

If school vouchers worked as well as food vouchers, they would succeed in their mission of improving choice without sacrificing quality.

Now Robinson doubles down, sticking to his anti-voucher position and also proposing A Public Option For Food. Every week I go to the grocery store and I get relatively tasty things for relatively low prices.

Capitalism, carried to its endpoint, will devour the earth, because that’s what its programming requires. It is a state-funded restaurant called the American Free Diner.

At the American Free Diner, anyone can show up and eat, and the food is free.

I counterargued that yes it would, and cited among other things the success of food stamps (ie “food vouchers”).

If you ate at the American Free Diner for every meal, you’d be meeting every possible recommended nutritional guideline. The music is great and there’s a buzzing neon sign. Our “public option” for food does not mean people can’t go elsewhere, just as our public school system doesn’t mean that people can’t enroll in private schools.

So you program the robot with the following instruction: “Maximize the number of paperclips in your possession.” Then you set it loose.

The robot first goes around the world collecting all the existing paperclips. After all, it must maximize the number of paperclips it has.

It’s designed to be as healthy as possible while still being pretty tasty. ) bacon with fruit, oatmeal, avocado on toast, or a smoothie. Oh, and you can also always stop by and grab free fruit or other snacks.

It’s not going to be tastier than Mc Donalds fries, but the aim of the American Free Diner is not to get you to hooked on having as many meals as possible, it’s designed to get you to have a satisfying and nutritionally complete meal. Now, you have to eat your meal during the time you’re in the restaurant, so there’s no smuggling food away and selling it.

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There’s nothing inherent about a public school being public that requires it to be crappy. But a few things are necessary for a public institution to run well. I see a couple of advantages of selective taxation compared to Nathan’s public food option: , vouchers taxes/subsidies let the rich and poor participate in the same system.