Mandating direct deposit in arizona

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Mandating direct deposit in arizona

Washington law simply states that if payments are made via direct deposit, the payment must be made available on payday, and that there cannot be any charge to the employee to set up the direct deposit process.

(2) Upon motion for good cause shown, the justice or judge may grant an unlimited number of extensions of the time that the arrest warrant information shall remain sealed.

This rule was adopted in 2013 to codify and further define the practice of temporarily sealing arrest warrants previously recognized in case law such as Commonwealth v. Magisterial district judges, arraignment court magistrates, and municipal court judges do not have authority to seal arrest warrant information; the request for the warrant to be sealed must be presented to a judge of the court of common pleas or a justice or judge of an appellate court.

Procedure in Court Cases Following Issuance of Summons. Requirements for Issuance; Dissemination of Arrest Warrant Information. (G) Until the order sealing the arrest warrant information and any extensions thereof expires, the judge and clerk of courts shall not make the arrest warrant information available for public inspection and dissemination. Unlike existing case law, which only addresses the sealing of arrest warrants after execution, the procedures in this rule apply to all arrest warrants.

In these cases, the attorney for the Commonwealth may request that the sealing order provide that the sealed arrest warrant information be provided to law enforcement agencies generally and entry of the arrest warrant information into law enforcement computer systems be required.

In many cases, the requester will desire that the information be placed into these systems in order to assist in the execution of the warrant.

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(5) Upon execution of the sealed arrest warrant, the affiant shall file a copy of the sealed arrest warrant information with the proper issuing authority along with copies of the order sealing the arrest warrant information and the order designating the proper issuing authority.