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If you want to hand make your colored pearl necklace gift it is possible with a little patience.

There are step by step instructions for knotting a pearl necklace on EHow at com/how_4421128_

You can find peony plants at your local nursery or online at sites like Peony Meadows at

The peony flower is fragrant and beautiful which make them a great blossom to include in a flower arrangement.

The Flower Shop Network offers an arrangement called Poetic Peonies on their website at which would be an appropriate twelfth anniversary gift.

The Chinese name for the peony is Sho Yu and means “most beautiful.” The peony symbolizes prosperity, happiness and peace and the flowers are said to embody romance and love.

If you like our idea of personalizing the twelfth anniversary gift by making it yourself here are some additional linen and silk suggestions. Rainbow Silks has a silk paper making kit that you could purchase to make silk paper for your twelfth anniversary gift at Details.cfm?

If you embroider you could buy a silk or linen handkerchief and embroider your partner’s initials in the corner. Sub Cat Id=806&Code=CNSPK&One Product=True&CFID=33066067&CFTOKEN=65d1421fff014a6-6ACC6717-0C41-29A1-36C793E660FC92B8. You could also go one step further and write a special poem or message on a piece of the silk paper.

Luxury in Bloom has a wide selection of peony arrangements that your partner would enjoy on your anniversary and for years to come.

To see the choices go to and type “peony” into the search box to see arrangements, centerpieces and wreaths featuring peonies.

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Peonies have been a popular flower since ancient times.