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The man, identified by his surname Qi, died in his village in Hebei province, northern China on Monday.He reportedly specified in his will that he wants to be laid to rest in a car instead of a traditional coffin.Amid a flurry of tweets late on Tuesday night, the shamed star also blamed her choice of words on sleeping pills while begging fans not to defend her.

Monika Rudaityte, 27, was in a home in Peterborough when a child aged just 18-months was punched in the face by a sick thug who filmed the attack.Clockwise from top left: A cartoon-themed 30th birthday cake, a creative lunch, a speedometer with a father's warning, a pink birthday balloon for a user's 28th birthday, directions on how to eat a kiwi, a note asking for feedback on a daughter's driving The test flight from the Mojave Air and Space Port in the California desert bested April's in altitude, with Unity hitting the top of its climb at 114,500ft, with the first test reached 84,271ft at its peak.US exploration firm Ocean Infinity was contracted for a three-month search for the Boeing 777 on a 'no find, no fee basis', which is set to end in the coming days after finding no sign of the wreckage.Mr and Ms Lewis who expected to be retired by now and enjoying their savings, are now looking after their six-year-old granddaughter, while their son sits in jail until 2020.Claude Kleynhans, 54, was attacked by a large male buffalo as he was loading the carcass of another buffalo onto vehicle in Limpopo province, north east South Africa.

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Goldie and his daughter Chance, 19, (pictured arriving at court today, right) were both charged with assault following the brawl at the festival last summer, but only Chance showed up for the last hearing on March 15.

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