Law of attraction dating articles

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Law of attraction dating articles

Manifesting destiny relies on you first identifying what you want, setting out a clear plan to get there, and thinking positively about the outcome."Recognizing that you want to try something new and different is the first step.Figuring out where you’ve gone wrong is the next step.Control your thoughts to control your destiny."It may not be exactly as you imagine it – say you make ,000 as a writer and you imagine making 0,000.You may get an offer in a different field that meets the money requirement or possibly a different style of writing than you might be used to or an assignment that you did not expect.It may take you a few times practicing this to get it right it, but then it becomes second nature.

Focus on your space, envision it; do not allow any negative thoughts to creep into your mind, and simply stay in the positive.

Wherever your mind concentrates its energy is the reality it breeds.

Just as this rule applies to positive thought and outcome, it applies to negative.

Positive attracts positive; negative attracts negative. This is where the saying 'misery loves company' came from. If you want to manifest, you envision rising above these energies and staying in the positive. This can be further detailed by saying that if you think it, it will come.

Words have power and thoughts can be energy," according to Estes.

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That’s how negative outcomes occur," Masini further explains.

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