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Lasting friendships dating

This is why websites devoted to friendly chatting have become increasingly popular, to the point where they are now almost considered an essential.

The one thing that scares most new users is that despite the large number of people using these platforms, they often fail to build lasting friendships.

The ones you can tell anything to and the ones you would do anything for. Remembering times your friend was there for you brings tears to your eyes. A key here is the word “mutual.” Friendship has to be a two-way street.

You are generous to each other with your time, your ideas, your feelings.

A real connection cannot be cultivated virtually and it cannot be done overnight – it will take time, perhaps months or even years, so why not start as soon as possible.

Researchers have demonstrated that that heart-pounding feeling of being in love is driven by norepinephrine, which is chemically related to adrenaline.

In fact, the chemistry mimics the high of addiction.

With the explosion of internet users from all walks of life, multiplying drastically in number over the last few years, websites devoted to creating new friendship have similarly increased in number.

These websites are an interesting option through which one can expand their circle of friends and acquaintances, useful in particular when starting from scratch.

Remember, whether it is a virtual friendship or one made in the physical world, friendship is nourished by memories and therefore the most important thing you need is time.

If you hope to make a big group of inseparable friends within a time-frame of three months, hoping to take your next Summer vacation together, you are probably greatly mistaken in terms of what it takes to create lasting friendships. True friendship is built on the foundations of fond memories and small moments that bring you together.

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Meeting new people, organizing activities with them, even going on vacation – can the friendships created through a website really be considered reliable, or are they simply passing encounters, forgotten as soon as they are over?

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