Kimberly mccullough dating jason thompson

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Kimberly mccullough dating jason thompson

And, there are certainly quite a few General Hospital hunks wandering around Port Charles in need of a hot new love interest, most notably Drew!May Sweeps is right around the corner and that means that the drama will really be heating up in Port Charles.

In an interesting twist, General Hospital scooped up another one of CBS’ hot actresses, and according to SOD Hendrickson will begin filming at GH this week!

He soon decided to stay permanently in Port Charles since he had started to fall for Dr. Monica and Rick gave into their feelings finally and made love.

But Rick told her that they were over so Monica reconciled with Alan.

However Alan had amnesia and believed he was a guy named Simon instead of Alan Quartermaine.

As Monica tried to prove that Alan was faking, she fell in love with him again.

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When Alan found out that Monica and Rick had slept together, he was surprisingly calm. with the intent of collapsing the roof on Rick and Monica during A. But his plan was thwarted by Lee Baldwin, who smelled something amiss. Alan was further angered when Rick had an attack of conscious, divorced his wife, and spilled to Alan that A. But a gas leak set off an explosion before he could carry out his plan.

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