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The idea of approaching a woman you don’t know can be both intimidating and overwhelming for a lot of men, and the club scene is not necessarily where you meet dating material. If you’d like to be a contemporary girl in the dating world, it’s time to get used to asking guys out.

Many people turn to online dating as an easy way to meet new people.

Everyone has different opinions when it comes to an age gap in a relationship.

Although a difference of a few years may go unnoticed, a larger age gap may pose potential pitfalls.

Many people set life goals that include finding a soul mate.It can be nerve-wracking to meet women when you ...Dating can be a challenge for anyone, but being a single parent can complicate things even further.Whether you want to slip off on your own with your special someone, or take in a concert by a lake ...Trying out new hairstyles is a fun way to improve your appearance.


Relationships vary between couples; however, some common problems may arise in relationships where a younger woman is ...