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Judo dating personals

Of course, as usual, it's up to everyone else to change to accomodate someone that perceives themselves as a minority; if we don't change for them, it proves we're racist.

Speaking of starting a religion (as was mentioned in an earlier post here), maybe we should start one that makes wearing shoes and/or shirts a sin (at least in summer) and then we can complain about the various businesses that say "No shoes, no shirt, no service". For the "Canadian v the rest" crowd, give it a break!

In the case of the headscarf the 'penalty' for potentally harming one's opponent is you have to take off the scarf to compete or not compete at all.

Indeed like the tradition of smoking...chuckles...i do love my aboriginal friends for giving that card...traditionaly native folks gave us tabbacco..i have certainly enjoyed there tradition for enough years..bannock rocks and smoked fish is to die for..yes indeed i do enjoy my nieces culture..is rich in many ways but the food is spectacular if you know true traditional folks....i am a fortunate canadian indeed cuz i do know fantastic cultured educated enritched folks who i call my family....

The approved clothing in Judo has got SFA to do with Canada.

more about Nadya from Lviv I should tell you that I believe in a real meeting!

As drunk driving does hurt and kill other people besides the drunk driver and causes property damage, there should be a punishment for the action.

Not all drunk drivers kill or hurt people or cause property damage, but there are consequences just the same.

I agree the kid was a pawn for some other chicks agenda and indeed it is sad to see a child be used in that way..that child picked the sport..well welcome to the price of being an equal...cheers Acording to someone that was there (perhaps another coach, I don't remember (it was in Wednesday's Free Press ) the TV camera crew was notified that the girl was going to be leaving the competition, so they'd have time to get a good shot for the camera.

I'ts not a religious thing, she wouldn't have beenallowed to compete if she was wearing a baseball cap either.

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