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Josh i kissed dating good bye

And there's a spoiler showing Robert with a gun while the Emmerdale people are teasing for Aaron and Robert might get back together. I think he's still working at Home Farm, because last I remember Lawrence wasn't able to get him out of the contract, although I'm not sure. Seems like he had a change of heart after he got shot. They don't struggle with finding love, manuveuring a relationship or having kids like other characters.

Either way though the gay characters are in other storylines too, which are all really good. I'm looking forward to more shirtless scenes from him. Sadly no indication of Robert and Aaron getting back together, but they will still be involved in their separate storylines. Trust me when I say they will still be featured a lot, even if they're not together right now. I think the only thing Aaron will accept is Robert finally accepting himself, and this is Robert, so you know..[quote]Robert is one of the hottest gay characters ever. Fangirls there still keep the Emett Scanlan whats-his-face thread alive even though he's been off Hollyoaks for years now. But of course Gordon was curious so he looked it up for himself. Are they really gonna make Gordon a bad guy and retcon the character just so Aaron can get yet another self-harming storyline? I was reading the DOOL threads after Will and Sonny got togther. Because he was never supposed to be hot or interesting. In two years Finn has been on the show he's had one flirtation with a nurse for 3 episodes. I would take Emmerdale any day over Deaths of our lives or Mumble Hospital.

I wish they'd explore more of that though.[quote]What does Robert even do for a living now? HOW is Emmerdale "teasing Aaron and Robert getting back together" though? Danny even said in an interview that "they've shelved it for now". Aaron might still love Robert, but it doesn't mean they'll get back together, at least not yet.[quote]Aaron and Robert unlike other characters are not to be indetified with or show real issues about homosexuality and gay life. At one point I do think the viewers will get sick of him getting away with stuff, and they have no choice but to send Robert to prison.

All they do is stealing cars, faking robberies, kill or try to kill people.. At least the writers have tried to redeem him a little bit lately, hopefully we'll see more of that. if you hate the soap as much as you seem to do, R57, you could always stop watching, just a suggestion!

He testified in Chrissie's trial and he helped Aaron out by proving Chas really does have PTSD. He and Andy made a deal, Ross would shoot Robert for Andy if Andy shot Ross' brother Pete for him.

The thing is that Ross went through with it, while Andy didn't. (they air two episodes every Thursday)No Aaron or Robert.. He wants to get back into Chas and Aaron's lives again. Here's a preview if you want to see the look on Aaron's face when his father shows up again after all these years. I don't understand why Diane just didn't tell him the truth about Robert?

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So you're wrong when you say they don't have struggles or realistic problems, they do.