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Like Freya, he too has a background in modelling, with clients such as Calvin Klein.‘When I knew I’d been cast, I Googled him and up came all these pictures of him half naked!‘My dad [James Mavor is a scriptwriter and a lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University] and my grandfather and great-grandfather were involved in the theatre, too,’ she says.Freya remains close to both her parents and credits her love of travel on their decision to move the family to France for a few years during her early teens.Despite Charles II’s promise to be an enlightened monarch, brutality is the order of the day.

New Worlds picks up the story in the 1680s at the height of the Restoration.I was taken aback and a little bit intimidated,’ she confesses.‘But when I finally got to work with him he was the nicest, funniest, most laid-back man in the world.‘But really you’re just a coat hanger or a face to advertise something.I prefer acting because it gives you a chance to show that there’s more to you than meets the eye.’ Acting-wise, you’ll recognise Freya from the E4 series Skins, in which she had a long-running role as the beautiful but damaged teenage ballbreaker Mini Mc Guinness.

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