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Is john morrison dating trish stratus

Kendrick also claimed that he himself had been intimate with Melina.

She's my friend, and I love her very much."Former WWE stars Paul London and Brian Kendrick alleged numerous behind the scenes stories involving Melina and Morrison in their 2010 "shoot" interview, Brian Kendrick & Paul London's Excellent Adventure.

There is backstage heat on both John Morrison and Melina, reports Pro Wrestling Torch.

It centers around the Six-Person Mixed Tag Team Match at Wrestlemania XXVII, which saw Morrison repeatedly brush partner Trish Stratus off.

During their post-match celebration, Stratus hugged Snooki and went to hug Morrison, but he had already turned his back on her.

Morrison then led Snooki to the corner of the ring and used the Jersey Shore star as a shield, to guard himself from Stratus.

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Particularly, he lost a lot of respect for allowing Melina to engage in a sexual relationship with former WWE talent Dave Bautista (a/k/a Batista) while the two were dating.