Internet dating for dog lovers

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Internet dating for dog lovers

As an educator she was the author of books and materials for parents, teachers and children.She traveled the Six Secrets to Internet Dating Success For Dog Lovers throughout the U.Excerpts From Tonja's Bio Tonja's dating column Savvy Dating is read in daily and weekly newspapers in cities across the U. Her columns have won three Matrix awards and her articles have been published in the national magazines New Woman, Home Beautiful and Hope.Tonja has also written a dating book for singles "How to Meet Your Soul mate in Less Than One Year" that was recently picked up by the Susan Crawford Literary Agency.Hotdiggiddy is where single dog-lovers come together for everything from a walk in the dog park, a hike with their dogs or a meeting at the local dog friendly café.

Tonja was the recipient of a full academic fellowship to obtain her M. in human development, with an emphasis on creativity, at San Francisco State University.So she has published a very concise single dog lovers' guide entitled "The Six Secrets to Internet Dating Success For Dog Lovers" on's site.So if you're a single dog lover who would like to discover these secrets hurry along there now -- your soul mate could be just a mouse click and six secrets away.S., India and Europe training educational systems in how to be creative teachers and leaders.She won 25 international and national awards for her educational materials.

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Her qualifications and experience garnered over the past 30 years inspire confidence that if anyone can help our members to find their soul mates, Tonja can!