I am dating a jehovah witness Free sex chatroom no sign up no registration

Posted by / 22-Jul-2020 04:53

She is really an all around awesome girl, and her religion is not really discussed at all unless i bring it up.There are things that I think may be an issue down the road however.Jehovah's Witness goes beyond the usual religion and is widely regarded as a cult.If she stays in, you will have to convert or the relationship won't work long-term.The real question is whether or not she is baptized.If she is baptized, things get much stickier and really you should go your own way.

TL; DR: have a good relationship with my Jehovah's witness girlfriend (I'm atheist) , however I'm worried our differences may affect us down the road.If she isn't baptized, you will have a much easier life.Baptism limits how far the negatives that the church can impose on her life go.I'm sorry but I wasn't asking for a biased opinion on Jehovah's Witnesses but for help on how to deal with my relationship.This is r/relationship_advice, but thank you for your input on JW.

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I know enough about the religion since she is very open to it and has explained it to me when I have asked.