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Data emerging from this project is being incorporated into the male handbook and Individual neurons pages.

male larvae also switch to the facultative diapause stage called the dauer larva which can survive four to eight times the normal 3-week life span (Cassada and Russell, 1975).

However, as they progress through the larval stages and their sexual organs develop, the shape of their posterior changes (Sulston and Horvitz, 1977; Sulston et al., 1980; Nguyen et al., 1999).

The pointed (leptoderan) tail tip retracts generating a blunt-ended (peloderan) tail.

Examining male anatomy or gene expression patterns on any significant scale from such cultures is therefore impractical.

In contrast to the hermaphrodite, earlier descriptions of the connectivity of the male nervous system were only partial (Sulston et al., 1980).

Reconstruction of the whole male nervous system from serial EM sections as per the hermaphrodite (White et al., 1986; Hall and Russell, 1991), is currently under way (The Male Wiring Project).

This, however, occurs rarely in the hermaphrodite germ line.

Consequently, males occur infrequently in cultures propagated by hermaphrodite self-fertilization (ca.

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Males differ from hermaphrodites in their expression of a number of behaviors including regulation of defecation (Reiner and Thomas, 1995), response to media conditioned by the same- versus opposite sex (Simon and Sternberg, 2002; White et al., 2003), mate-searching (Emmons and Lipton, 2003) and perhaps most striking of all, mating behavior (see Male Intro Fig 3; Male Intro MOVIE 1; Wormbook-Male Mating Behavior chapter; Emmons and Sternberg, 1997).