Herm dating

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Herm dating

I did really enjoy this when I smelled it in the air but for some reason this type of scent just doesn’t go well with my personality and if honestly only wear this if I was on vacation in a tropical setting.

Performance on this is great for a freshie and lasts 6-10 hours and projects very well !

Un Jardin Sur Le Nil scored very highly in the recent Fragrantica poll, and I do appreciate that there are women and men who love this kind of scent: very soft, herbal/vegetal, certainly pleasant, but not much beyond that.

There’s nothing wrong with it except that it is so boring.

A stroll in the garden islands of the Nile at Assouan is the starting point for this new olfactory voyage.

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Among vegetable garden scents, it's so well crafted it might be without rival. I do get a bit of a fresh cucumber/green smell but it is so light I have to bury my nose in and almost hurt myself from sniffing so hard.

Unfortunately I must be anosmic to this because I can barely smell it only seconds after spraying it. Not worth the effort, and I don't wear perfumes that I can't smell on myself This fragrance is so skillfully made that it evolves & changes during drydown.

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