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For her part, she says she was just repeatedly groped. The director kept telling him his back story and talked about being molested and wondered if my friend had been molested.

There was a carousel ride and one man insisted on putting her on a different horse each time and would lift her and grope her each time. The director then started touching our actor and did so throughout the entirety of the movie like it was perfectly normal.

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Every movie seemed to have any kind of reason they could to find teens boys and girls that could be molested under the guise of developing their character.

Most have never worked as adults as actors, but a couple continue to make an effort and a couple have succeeded.

I started reaching out to them through an old friend.

It had a lot of young kids in the movie, although they were older than her. All of the young actors and actresses were loaded on to a tour bus. There were also other men there who she remembers hearing were studio executives. She does remember walking around this carnival as she put it and seeing the executives pairing off with a couple of the actors or one on one.

Everyone was impressed because each seat on the bus had a DVD player waiting for them as a gift to take home. The trip took about two hours from LA and they were served all kinds of kids food on the bus. So, they get off the bus and arrived at this huge ranch. She says they later told her that most were molested or groped.

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