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We don't know about you, but we don't remember it being this tough growing up...

Sex Getting along with parents Lust Hassled to do drugs Media Rebellion Succeeding in school Anorexia/Bulimia Cutting Disabilities/health issues Adolescents/puberty Dating pressure Alcohol Acceptance Making friends Avoiding addiction Building self-esteem Sexual identity Suicide Bullying Attractiveness Just to name a FEW!

Within those groups, some pairing off begins, and so does the dating game. A lot of parents are OK with group dating among young teens. For tweens and young teens, hanging out in groups is a natural progression from the girls-only and guys-only hanging-out that has happened up until they found each other more…interesting.

Once kids hit middle school, it’s more comfortable for the girls to learn how to “hang out” with the guys and vice versa when they are surrounded by their peeps.

Perfect for tabling sessions, they feature a graffiti design that’s really popular.

Download the blue bookmark here and the orange and pink ones here.

And what hormonally driven adolescent boy doesn’t want to up the game with a hormonally driven adolescent girl that wants to keep her friends happy and excited for her?

As children become teens, the pressure to “perform” and “comply” is stronger in groups – that’s HERD MENTALITY.

The adult doesn’t need to hover, but random drop ins and walk throughs will keep the herd mentality from taking over.

As tweens and young teens, it’s important for girls and boys to learn how to interact in positive and healthy ways.

It means that even the nicest, most well-behaved kid will do things in a group that he or she would never do alone or even with one other person.

If you feel better letting them hang out in groups, or group date, just make sure there is an adult (a responsible adult that is not afraid to be the adult) supervising and keeping the herd in-bounds.

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