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Godly dating quotes

In an effort to get away from home and all of my problems, I decided to head off to college in a southern state.

This appeared to be an easygoing, laid-back school, which I thought I wanted, but instead it was a nightmare for me. Over the weekends, almost everyone would go home to families and I would be alone.

By: Steve Shirley I grew up in an upper middle class, church going family of four (one younger brother), belonging to the Lutheran church.

I was baptized as an infant, believed in Jesus, prayed, attended church regularly, and was confirmed. My problems were not as bad as some have faced, but there were a lot of bad moments.

After high school, my father forced me to choose a four year college, and chose my Business major for me (I later changed it to Psychology).This would have changed the whole course of my life during my school years.Instead, we were in a cold, dead church with only a few kids my age, who were just as lost as I was.(I didn't know when I applied that it was voted one of the top five "partying" schools in the country.) Putting an angry, depressed, socially awkward mid-westerner in a southern college in a small town with no friends and nothing to do (before the age of computers, cable T. [it had just started and wasn't available so I could only watch one network channel], DVD/VHS movies, I-Pods, etc...) was a disaster! My struggles with school were magnified, and I literally spent days studying for tests that I often would barely, or sometimes not at all, pass.I was still partying (at the party school) and womanizing with people who cared nothing about me (on weekdays when I should have been studying).

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I dropped my involvement in almost all sports, except bowling of all things.