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Al-Tabari calls her Khumani and tells how her father (Ardashir Bahman) married her. 1000 CE) also tells of King Bahman marrying Khumay.King Ahasuerus holds banquets for the members of his court and subsequently for his people, too; 180 days with his peers, and another seven days with the members of his court.He also provides additional information on the dating of events relative to Ezra and Nehemiah.Josephus also records the Persian persecution of Jews and mentions Jews being forced to worship at Persian erected shrines.It is believed that her life extended into the reign of her stepson, Artaxerxes.

Men are indisputably highly defensive of their status and superiority; they therefore decide to react with the utmost severity, to warn other women in the empire not to emulate her example.Berossus (early third century BCE) provides context for the account in that he records the introduction of idols of Anahita under Artaxerxes II Mnemon throughout the Persian Empire.An account of the origins of Purim is also included in chapter 4 of the tenth century CE compilation of Jewish history, the Josippon.Bringing Back Vashti and Esther in the #Me Too Era.It has taken 2,400 years, but the Purim women’s roles are finally being reappraised, their heroic actions being seen as especially relevant at this point in time The #Me Too movement promises a world where women will no longer be forced into impossible situations.

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