Gay dating super bowl ad

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Gay dating super bowl ad

But Man Crunch says it offered to pay for the ad in cash.

However, when asked by NPR to supply documents verifying that an actual cash advance was offered, nothing was provided.

Earlier this week, the network was criticized by women's groups for approving a pro-life ad featuring college quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother.

Last week gay dating site Man cried foul when CBS rejected their ad submission for this year’s Super Bowl, claiming that the creative did not meet “broadcasting standards” and that the sales department had difficulties in verifying the previously unknown site’s “credit status.” This sparked speculation that the whole commercial, which the site said cost just under 0,000 to make, was a PR stunt, and that Man Crunch never had the .5 million to pay for the spot.

She knows a bit about the Man Crunch controversy, and is not enthused by the ad: "I wouldn't want to see that as a Super Bowl commercial," says Stasney.

"And that really is pushing the envelope of what today's society would be down with." Yet, she thinks there's a double standard at play: "Of course, everyone likes the thought of a couple of girls kissing, but they don't like the thought of a couple of guys kissing." When it comes to Super Bowl ads, she might actually have a point.

"We really thought the controversy would happen after the ad aired during Super Bowl, we are angry about the rejection and believe CBS acted in a discriminatory way.” In addition to being the Avid Life president, Biderman is the Founder & CEO of infidelity-promoting dating agency Ashley Madison, which isn’t exactly a beacon for gay rights.

“Our goal is just to help people pursue the lifestyle that they want to pursue whether it is having an extramarital affair, being a swinger or being in a gay relationship,” Biderman said.

“We are non-judgmental, adults should be left to be adults and what happens in the bedroom should be left there.

Adgate says the big game is one of the last TV shows to reach men and women of all ages.

He expects that upward of 100 million people will be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday.

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In a letter to Man that the site provided to, the network said that the clip was "not within the Network's Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday." CBS also said its sales department had difficulty verifying the company's financial information, but a Man Crunch spokeswoman said the company could afford to pay for the ad.