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As you go through the different sections and watch interesting broadcasts you can pick up gifts, compliments and funny animotiocons!

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A small town is being sued by its residents after they faced massive fines and were threatened with jail time for cracked driveways, improperly stack firewood, and overgrown vegetation. "I'm never plugging that device in again because I can't trust it," a homeowner said after her Alexa sent an audio recording from inside her home to a stranger. A source inside the US Senate has reported that Republicans and Democrats are teaming up and using the recent tragedy in Texas as the impetus to push through a massive federal gun control bill. Obviously you are allowed to get excited & care about whatever you want, we aren't trying to stop that.

However we are saying there are somethings that people might want to know about that actually could affect their life. Only hours after posting a photo of the morel mushrooms they found foraging earlier in the day, a couple was raided by police who thought they caught a pack of hardened criminals who'd dare to expand their minds—but they were wrong.

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That is why we are here Xp0JD If another country shot and killed dozens of protesters in the way that Israel just did, the U. would be promising "freedom and democracy," and planning to invade. The NFL has denied a player's request to use medicinal cannabis, forcing him to use highly addictive opioid painkillers to treat his chronic pain if he wants to continue playing football.