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Many families have been lifted from poverty to prosperity through her efforts.

In her house career, she helped bring HOPE back to many who had lost it by passing legislation that expanded the pool of students eligible for financial aid to attend technical college and increased the aid amount for top performing students.She’s seen a system that has at times protected aggressors at the expense of victims, and the disparities that exist across the state. And her first glimpse of her future came when Zell Miller visited her high school and told her that if she kept a B-average, she could go to college for free. It was a promise that the state made to her, and she made the most of that promise.But she’s also experienced the power in great high school teachers, technical education retraining programs, financial aid for college, and rehabilitation efforts. She went to the University of Georgia—the first in her family to go to college—where she became interested in policy to make her path easier for others like her.Hope that we’ll all be able to see a doctor when we are sick.Hope that no matter where you live, you’ll feel good when you drop your children off at the school steps.

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