Egypt dating customs

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Local myths supplied story lines for many plays which often had satirical overtones: The pharaoh received five hundred lashes, his wives deceived him, he couldn't make up his mind and became a slave to his advisors; and his architects robbed his wealth.

The gods did not fare any better in these texts: In the Contendings of Horus and Seth the council of gods deliberated for twenty four years about who should inherit Osiris - Seth or Horus.

The Osirian mysteries were among the most important public displays.

The murder of Osiris by Seth, his dismemberment and resuscitation made for emotive theatre and was frequently shown, with the main roles possibly played by priestly actors who may have worn masks, representations of the gods they incorporated, [2.170.1] Here too, in this same precinct of Minerva at Sais, is the burial-place of one whom I think it not right to mention in such a connection.

While this is not theatre in our sense, it is certainly dramatic dialogue, funny and at times bawdy, which was probably recited before audiences: After a considerable while Hathor, Lady of the Southern Sycamore, came and stood before her father, the Universal Lord, and she exposed her vagina before his very eyes. Then he got right up and sat down with the Great Ennead.

He said to Horus and Seth: "Speak concerning yourselves." Seth, great in virility, the son of Nut, said: "As for me, I am Seth, greatest in virility among (the) Ennead, for I slay the opponent of Pre daily while I am at the prow of the Bark of the Millions, whereas not any (other) god is able to do it.

The event at Edfu may have been annual, taking place during the Horus festival on the shore of the holy lake.With the decay of the indigenous kingship in the first millennium BCE, the hopes for a legitimate and just rule in this world were transferred into the realm of the divine.These performances may have had little dramatic content and could possibly be classified as happenings.I gladdened the heart of the eastern highlands and knew the jubilation of the western highlands when they saw the beauty of Osiris upon the barque..barque landed at Abydos and we brought Osiris, First of the Westerners, Lord of Abydos to his palace... The few then who have been left about the image, draw a wain with four wheels, which bears the shrine and the image that is within the shrine, and the other priests standing in the gateway try to prevent it from entering, and the men who are under a vow come to the assistance of the god and strike them, while the others defend themselves.Then there comes to be a hard fight with staves, and they break one another's heads, and I am of opinion that many even die of the wounds they receive; the Egyptians however told me that no one died.

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Apparently the birth of the child god was celebrated with annual festivals at the major temples dedicated to triads.

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