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Ebony lesbian dating

We’re all so busy and these busy schedules prevent us from having enough social time to meet dateable people and online sites have become the alternative, especially when it comes to finding someone special and not just hooking up.

Truth: I met my ex in the stone age of Yahoo personals.

I even rebooted my OKC profile, changed my pic (I cut my dreadlocs off in 2012 and I thought it was deceiving to still have that picture up) and headed off into the world of dating algorithms.

I now have a history of adding and deleting my Ok Cupid account because whenever I’m on there it always matches me with some with lesbian who is hanging off the side of a mountain in her profile picture.

The ideology of the “strong black woman” is one strategy that black women have developed to specifically combat shame.

MPH is quick to point out that “What begins as empowering self definition can quickly become a prison…

Falling short of this expectation is viewed by many African American women as a personal failure. Romero have presented, it would seem that black women would avoid spaces like OKC for a few reasons.

So where in cyberspace are the black lesbians hooking up?I spoke to a friend recently who gave me a little context on our black community.In their opinion, African-Americans don’t like using things like dating sites because it’s like admitting that we need help publicly.I’ve spoken to so many of my people on the same journey that have said they’ve completely given up on OKCupid and other sites as options for the aforementioned reasons.There just isn’t much to choose from if you’re a black lesbian who chooses to date other black lesbians.

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