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Did bradley cooper dating jennifer aniston

And she's not an empty-eyed, anorexic savior figure like A Jolie, rescuing children of different colors from poverty (but only the cute ones). Bewilderment in the fact that she became and remained the most popular "Friend".

She's a stoner who does comedies, and she's pretty funny. What has she said or done to provoke DL's collective ire? I mean, she wasn't the prettiest (Courtney Cox has that distinction), and she didn't come onto the show with the most credits (CC again).

As with most celebrities, I'm completely indifferent about her. I hate her bad nose job.(and I should say I always HATED the show friends)I just really hate her. It's always funny to me that the general public thinks that celebrities who shill for drugstore beauty products actually use those products.

Bitch held a juvenile, Meg Ryanish grudge against her mother for the longest time. If they think that looking at that puffy, pasty, non-descript mess of human flesh is going to convince me to buy their products, then they are as delusional as she is.

Last ad I saw for a film of hers, showed her pole dancing, in her underwear. I had no feelings about her one way or another until I read a Vanity Fair interview with her.

This was a few years before her marriage went south.

You can only buy, and re-do so many ,000,000 homes, before people start thinking its about the $, and nothing else. You don't remember her famous quote about Brad Pitt 'missing a sensitivity chip' because he dared to talk positively about his new relationship?

I can't remember what he said to spark that comment from Aniston, but she miiiiiiiilked it for about a year.

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