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Dhcp clients not updating dns records

Fix: Permissions: Fixed an automatically reported crash in the user interface which occured occasionally when changing selection 5.

Fix: Win Gate Management: Fixed an automatically reported crash in the user interface relating to requesting credentials from the user. Fix: Telemetry: several fixes relating to missing prefixes.

Fix: DHCP: fix issue where client changing networks requests old IP was given it instead of rejected. Fix: Localization: Fixed a problem on Windows 7 with Win Gate localization causing Win Gate management to fail to start. Change: TLS client certs: setting to request a client cert now requires it 5.

Chenge: Telemetry: Various fixes, and added start timestamp to record duration covered by report Version 9.0.2 (Build 5909) Released 13 January 2017 This is another maintenance release, fixing bugs reported by the Application Experience feature in Win Gate 9. Fix: Win Gate Management: Fixed crash when creating a new service if the dialog OK button is clicked prior to the service showing in the dialog 2.

Fix: Win Gate Management: Fixed an automatically-reported crash issue when accessing context menus from some panels when the task panel is hidden. Change: String handling: Performance improvements in several places where strings are copied. Change: Web Access: Refactored locking to reduce contention and increase performance. Change: Minidump reporting: collect more data on crashes, submit minidumps zipped.

Version 9.0.4 (Build 5915) Released 13 February 2017 1.

Fix: TLS in services: fixed allowed cipher suite issue relating to deprecation of RC4 and 3-DES, causing older clients to fail to connect with TLS. Fix: Win Gate Engine: Fixed an automatically reported crash on shut down of Win Gate engine 3.

Fix: Categories: Fixed an automatically reported crash in the user interface when you add a category and clear the name, 4.

New: Licenses: Now report notification incident when license count is exceeded Version 9.0.5 (Build 5926) Released 5 April 2017 1.Fix: AD Connector: Fix auto-reported crash relating to enumeration of inter-trusted domains missing certain DNS information. Fix: AD Connector: Fix occasional encoding problem for some arguments in LDAP queries. Fix: Help system: Fix auto-reported crash if fails to load 6.Fix: Schema script: Fix auto-reported crash if script does not include enough operands for various operators 7.Version 9.1.1 (Build 5951) Released 9 October 2017 1.Fix: WINS: Fixed rare automatically-reported crash on receiving certain WINS broadcast packets 2.

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