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As of January 2015, Christian Mingle is still ranked #3.

It is unclear what criteria is used to rank these websites.

You simply answer a series of questions just as you would expect with any dating site, with the addition of a few questions regarding which sect of Christianity to which you belong. Perhaps not too surprisingly, there is no option to select sexual orientation – so it is apparently only for straight Christians, but they do have the option to select that you drink “as much as possible.” And while there is no option to set your current relationship status as “Married,” those who are “involved” or “Dating someone” can enter and search for dates.

Upon first glance, Christian Mingle is similar to most dating websites, which won’t let you do very much until after you sign up.

Although there is a “browse for free” button, this still requires that you set up a profile and provide an email address before perusing other profiles.

After seeing their “Find God’s match for you” commercial for the umpteenth time, we figured this was a good time to check the site out for ourselves.

Below is our impression of the site, along with dozens of reader reviews.

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An interesting side note is that in 2012 this site ranked Christian Mingle as #3 behind e Harmony and in their “Christian Dating Sites” list.

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