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Ayer has sex with over 3000 women and cheated on them all without ever getting caught.

The bottom picture is me and the dude I was dating at the time, we were watching @Wrestle Mania at the bar #Weird CMHtu B Am I the only one who finds it odd when a guy will stalk you on social media but ignore a text? I don't bite, I'm more fun in person than to stalk #weird #tinder #dating #datingadvice #bumble #swiss #switzerland #Thought Of The Day If you’re on @Facebook, like the J. 1 I broke into my old high school & it had its own underground after hrs society. The 3rd was a driving around the world in an electric #solarpower floating car.

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"Getting old and dying are natural stages of life but I like to think that I am doing it on my terms for as long as possible and with as much grace and dignity as I can muster," she says.